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About Us


Incorporated in 1989, we also happen to be one of the most experienced & specialized company having proven our performance in several Public & Private Sectors as well as customers in the fields like paper mill, salt plant, steel plant, gas plant, power plant, cement plant, refineries, chemical industries, textile industries, ceramic industries, plastic industries, roto moulding plant, air conditioning plant & ventilation systems.


A formal or written statement, testifying to a particular truth of fact. Trust: Total confidence in the integrity, ability & character of another. For us at Ambalal System Pvt. Ltd. , the above terms are just synonyms to our performance. Therefore, thanks to the quality of our products & customer relationships, we are a involved in the design,manufacturing, testing & supply of high quality centrifugal fans & blowers.

Our team consists of professional engineers who are brilliant in their respective fields, ably assisted by highly skilled & versatile supervisors & technicians, supported by an advanced Quality Assurance & Control Department as well as, marketing, proposal, & Design department.