As an fd blower manufacturer, we structure & build up the best heavy-duty fans & blowers range. We serve industrial consumers who need instruments for their operations, and OEM customers who supply instruments to industrial consumers. Ambalal System has vast experience & expertise as an FD blower manufacturer. Our blowers are widely used by manufacturers of boiler, furnaces, & dust collection & ovens with their instruments. The main function of the Forced Draft Blower is to deliver air for ignition in steam boilers. Forced Draft Blowers generate air pressure automatically in the ignition unit. One of the most favoured ways of collecting more energy through ignition with solid fuels is through fluidized bed ignition. Our firm is engaged in offering Forced Draft Blowers at industry-leading prices. These blowers provide pressures for a given flow speed between a compressor and a fan. Customers can avail of a wide range of blowers like single, double, high-pressure, low-pressure, etc. from us.

India’s FD Blower Manufacturers & Designer 

Ambalal Systems has vast expertise as an ID fan manufacturer in India. Our fans are widely used by manufacturers of boilers, furnaces, dust collection & ovens with their equipment. It serves as an alternative to high-pressure blowers; these are joined with motors or gearboxes. Mild Steel, Stainless steel, or Titanium is used as a body material for the construction of these blowers. An FD blower is a pressurized blower that gives off positive pressure within the unit. It is primarily used in industries that utilize boiler systems to endorse boiler effectiveness, but it has a variety of industrial applications. A forced Draft blower also known as a Forced Draught Fan pushes the air through it or pushes the air through a structure. As the leading FD (Forced Draft) Blowers manufacturer in Rajasthan, India; we can assure you about the following features of the blower: it makes low noise; it has high impeller life, it consumes less power. It requires less maintenance, it has a long-lasting life. We also provide after-sales services if the clients have problems or queries related to the working of the system. Forced draft fans change high procedure inlet temperatures, frequently functioning to push ambient air through burners to preheat air for boiler system competence.

Couple Drive Blower trend in oil-bearing housing

Technical Specifications FD Blower :

Body MaterialMS/SS/Titanium
Pressure50MM to 2200MM
Flow100M3 to 200000 M3
Temperature‘0 Degree to  600 degree
DriveBelt / Direct/couple
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